Tuesday, February 28, 2012


One of the most important things I strive for here at birdie b's is not the look of an outfit but the comfort. Don't get me wrong, I want the clothes to be irresistible but I have seen many cute clothes out there for children. They are everywhere. When you stop and think about some of these outfits though you can't actually imagine your child being comfortable in them. They may be good for a picture but little else. Children want to be able to play and jump and run.

That is why I take the time to think about what I am making. Will this be something a child will want to wear. Even the prettiest of dresses must be something that they can move and stretch in. Otherwise dressing your child will be a fight and whats the point of spending money on something you have to struggle to get them in?

This is why I love elastic waists. This is why I avoid placing any tags on the inside of my clothing. I encase the elastic on my dresses so it's not against your child's skin. I take the time to think if what I am creating will be something both you and your child can enjoy. This is what I want birdie b's to be known for.

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